Becoming a Successful Networker
"Do you dread going to networking events?  Do you wish you could feel more confident, make more contacts, and have a better time?"
If so, you're not alone.  I've talked to men and women at all levels of business – from CEO's to brand-new account representatives – who absolutely hate networking events. In fact, here are a few of the comments I hear every day:
    -  "I often feel uncomfortable trying to meet new people at networking events."
    -  "I've been told I should work the room, but I'm not really sure what that means?"
    -  "I don't want to be pushy, but how do I avoid standing alone the whole time?"
    -  "At receptions I meet people, but it hardly ever leads to results."
    -  "I saw someone I wanted to meet at the last conference I went to, but I had no idea what to say."
    -  "When I go to a mixer or a function with colleagues, we stay together and I don't get to know other people."
    -  "I met an old acquaintance at a networking event, and ended up listening to his stories instead of meeting
         others. It was a pity I didn't know how to end the conversation."
    -  "I have a hard time staying in touch after the networking event. I don't have a clue what to talk or write
         about to maintain the relationship."
As you can see, lots of the people I meet don't view networking events as a chance to get ahead – they see them as a waste of time. Even worse, most of them think they can't do well at networking without becoming pushy and overbearing. Since these feelings are so widespread, let me take a moment to clear something up right now:
These fears aren't necessary! Networking can be a wonderful way to make business contacts, and you don't have to change your personality or act unnaturally to take advantage of them. In fact, if you're doing it the right way, networking isn't just profitable – it's fun!
The reason most people fail at networking is that they've never been taught how to do it properly.  Networking is a part of their job, so they're expected to walk into a room and instantly know how to talk to every person they need to meet, despite the fact that no one has ever shown them the right way to do it.  But the fact the matter is, networking is no different than any other skill, like typing, swimming, or riding a bike – anybody can become good at it with a bit of coaching and practice.
Most of the people I meet would love to be great networkers. After all, what could be better than getting some face time with a room full of high quality prospects and contacts?  The problem is, they've never had anyone show them how to develop a strategy to find which events they should go to, what they should do when they get there, and how to steer things in their favor.  They know they don't want waste their time or come across like pushy salespeople, but they don't know a better way.
"It takes insight and action to be a great networker. Let's Connect gives valuable insight and offers action steps that enable you to make contact and stay in touch with people in a way that is effective, efficient, and fun. I highly recommend it."
Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder of BNI (Business Network International)
networking author, columnist and speaker
"Networking is about working to achieve a specific goal. Accidental one shots do not give you anything. Therefore Let's Connect! is an indispensable guide."
Peter Van Sande
Director Networking Services
Chamber of Commerce Limburg, Belgium
So, instead of using networking events as a chance to develop strong relationships, they either spend them standing in a corner alone, or skipping them altogether.  If you are making this same mistake, I can assure you it's costing you thousands of dollars every year.  That's because networking deals with the basic human tendency -- that we all want to do business with people we know and like.  If your customers aren't meeting you personally on a regular basis, then you're missing out on the chance to develop strong relationships with them. When those really big sales, referrals, and promotions come along, who do you think they turn to – some person they barely know, or someone they've met and trust?
In fact, I think networking is so important to the success of every business – and business person – that I wrote an entire book, the bestselling title Let's Connect, on the subject.  The only problem is, most of the busy men and women I know haven't had time to read it yet.  With that in mind, I've decided to share the secrets of networking in a streamlined way.
In the audio version of "Let's Connect at an event", which is now available for immediate download, you will find everything you need to start making high quality contacts in different events.  Packed with easy-to-use tips, this course cuts straight to the heart of what you need to know to start enjoying -- not to mention profiting from -- all types of networking events.  Here are just a few of the things you'll find:
   -  How to set realistic expectations for your networking events
   -  A handful of simple things you can do before you even arrive
   -  Why you need to know who's attending an event before you
      register -- and how to find that secret information
   -  How to meet important people and make a great impression --
      without being pushy, aggressive, or annoying
   -  How to graciously end the conversation
   -  And, how to follow up with your new contacts and keep in touch
You might think it would take you several days to observe this kind of information, but with this audio program you can learn all of this, and much more, in less than an hour.  Best of all, you can do it right when you need it -- while you're on your way to a networking event. Simply load the program on to CD or an MP3 player, and you're ready to go!  By the time you show up at the event, you'll be feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to meet important people.
Imagine arriving at your next networking event full of confidence and enthusiasm, thrilled at the thought of getting to meet all these new people and bring them into your business circle. What if you could look forward to these occasions?  Better yet, what if you no longer had to worry about finding new customers, getting to know the big players in your industry, or gaining contacts in senior management?
Armed with the right tools, you might even start to look forward to networking events.  That's because, handled the right way, they're not only a fantastic source of new contacts and business – they're a surefire way to skyrocket your income.
"Who is Jan Vermeiren?"
I know some of you might be thinking "sure, what you say makes sense to me.  But who made you such an expert on networking?" Well, I'm the founder of Networking Coach and a specialist in the field of making new contacts. But...
I didn't become an expert overnight.
In fact, my story could be considered quite unusual. I worked for a small company in Belgium that required me to attend networking events. I discovered I didn't feel comfortable trying to meet people, so I sought out ways to improve...despite being an introvert!
Starting with some how-to books, I slowly practiced my networking skills. I found that some of the tips worked, others didn't. Only through persistence did I begin feeling more comfortable, until I eventually gained an understanding of the underlying principles and dynamics of networking.
Now my company, Networking Coach, advises major firms like Alcatel, Deloitte, DuPont, EDS, IBM, ING, Nike, Sun Microsystems, and SAP when they want to improve their networking skills.
My tips are tried and tested because I had to conquer the same fear of networking for myself.
I understand your problems, because I've been there.  I'm not going to hide from the truth: It's normal to feel uncomfortable in a roomful of strangers.  But by learning what works -- and what doesn't -- when it comes to making new contacts, I've devised a simple system that works for anyone looking for an easy way to make networking work for them.
In my book, Let's Connect (an Amazon Best Seller!), I not only shared my networking insights and experiences, but also those of thousands of professionals who enjoyed participating in our courses. However, in the hundreds of e-mails I received, one request kept popping up so many times I couldn't ignore it: my students needed a smaller version of the program that they can take with them, review quickly, and share with friends.
This program, available first on CD, and now online, is my answer.  It has all the tools and advice any business professional needs, no matter their position or experience level.  It's the perfect answer for anyone who needs to network, but doesn't have the time to attend one of my seminars.
You don't have to take an expensive seminar or change your personality to become an effective networker!
"When listening to the networking tips, it is like networking expert Jan Vermeiren is doing a private one-on-one session with you to instantly increase your networking actions: preparing for an event, comfortably making contact with others, graciously ending a conversation, successfully following up, ... It's all there! Highly recommended!"
Bert Verdonck
Managing Director, Bioptimo
After you buy this program, you'll know exactly how easy it is to turn networking events into sources of income. Before long, you'll be enjoying the boost in confidence and success that come from knowing you have the power to introduce yourself to anyone.  You'll finally know what it feels like to work with the top customers and clients -- without feeling like a pushy salesman.
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